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Jones Alexis

Business Developer, Operations Specialist, Product Manager

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US


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Would you like to challenge Google's Dominance? Well, I give you an opportunity.

Thanks for reading my profile. I'm in my mid-30s, male. I've built a platform over the past 14 months or so with freelance developers. I've pumped in the platform development project almost 25,000$ and counting. I'm now at a phase where I need some boosting to start marketing. RIGHT now we are at ZERO users.

I hope to get some users in the upcoming weeks. I am not even marketing because of funding which I normally source from my day job.

I need someone to come in and help. It's hard to try and market such a platform by yourself and with less backup resources. And the right someone will have an excellent attitude which is NON-NEGOTIABLE. You really don't need someone that is as huge as an elephant in a room or takes everybody hostage of his knowledge.

The critical ingredient you bring along is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them NOW. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. I won't even expand on this. And specifically I need someone who can provide the following:

1. Expertise in Marketing - Let's go together and get us users, let's talk to people anywhere and we will get users in the millions in a few months, especially businesses will EAT the concept up. This Search App Concept might start the death of advertising as we know it.

2. Expertise in Fundraising - the concept will go nowhere without huge capital investment - I'm talking pitching to as many groups as possible and raising at least 1,000,000$ for this concept

3. Your Initial Investment (5,000 to 15, 000 I ask for) shows your commitment and will go to supporting operations like servers, a simple office space and our GET OUT TO ENROLL USERS operations. (Like Get out the vote...if you know what I mean). You provide the initial funding and explain how best it can be used. You won't give us the money in hand, after signing a contract, it will be deposited in our startup bank and as you will be part of the team, you will know for sure how it's getting spent.

Now we have a platform that does a quite a few things (video marketing, email marketing, vendorships, a social network, a listing service...etc) and a VERY SPECIFIC APP CONCEPT that will BE DISRUPTIVE and challenge Google or Change the way Online Search is done. The App is 60% developed already. Should be done in 2 months.

Also the team is made up of 2 people.

More to be said, when you show your interest.



“Successful startups need to be benevolent dictatorships (Microsoft, Apple, Facebook,..etc), with a single clear decision-maker at every turn. And you need a co-founder who understands that, and can keep up” - Steve Blank

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Will Tell If You Ask

Will Tell If You Ask

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