João Paulo de Araujo

Curitiba, Brazil

João Paulo's Skills
Product Management

About João Paulo

I am a techie and a dreamer looking for people with creative and people skills to team up in a new enterprise. I'm very good at my hard skills, also do well on soft ones, but need partners to live a vision with and work together to make it happen.

My idea is a web-based solution that enables companies to build their own systems to accomplish whatever they need, without the need to go for an IT team or a programmer. It is to make a solution user-friendly enough so they can quickly design a system using mostly drag-and-drop, connect it to any data they need to work with (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twilio, Dropbox, SalesForce, Yammer, Fedex, you name it...) and start quickly extracting value for their business. Possibilities are endless so I look for someone to start developing this idea and work on it as well when mature enough. Ask me! :)