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I am a Certified Trust and Financial Adviser and have been working in the financial industry since 2008. I have wanted to create a startup for about 10 years now, which I have now been able to achieve. I have a very supportive wife to my entrepreneurial cause, as she lets me often dedicate my entire night to my startup (as much as 7 hours after a full day's work at my day job). You will find that I am a very hard worker, who has a lot of endurance to meet my goals. I am very goal driven.

Since this is a community of people who desire to be entrepreneurs, I am hesitate to reveal too much about my business. I do not want to accidentally create competition for myself. Therefore, I am not going to disclose my business name, or exactly what I do.

The startup is a very unique service that every single US citizen could leverage. Although my service could help 99% of the public, I do have specific target markets in mind to initially reach out to, which I believe will have higher conversion rates. There are less than a handful of competitors in this space, and no one has a strong market share. The majority of the customers we reach out to will never have heard of a similar business service, yet it is a very easy service to understand. There is zero risk for them to try it because if our service does not benefit them financially, they do not pay for the services. The service also benefits from repeat customers, so it is easy to grow the business overtime.

I have been working on my startup for about a year now, and my service is up and running. I have created an online website, created all of the processes, built all of the systems and automation for increased efficiency. I am now at the launching point of the business.

Since this is a new service to the market, I believe we need to have someone to market and sell this business full time. In addition, my co-founder needs to have excellent communication skills. I am a firm believer in working in our strengths and I acknowledge that I am not a word's smith. Therefore, this skill is an absolute must, as it will be needed to write effective ads, make website changes, and add additional content.

Being a new service, I also believe in having a fatty marketing budget. My current goal is to have a marketing budget of about 20% of all revenue.

Some goals that I would like my partner to achieve is:
1) Acquire customers at $10 or less.
2) Get influencers to spread the word of my service (example/ journalists and bloggers).
3) Create a marketing program that can ramp up a controlled amount of customers in lull times. (I am thinking this would be similar to how a person can ramp up PPC ads and control the amount of conversions, although PPC ads may not necessarily be the best medium of the advertising).
4) Successfully target to specific market segments identified. (There is one part of the market I would like to corner first).

My Ideal Candidate will have the following qualities:
- Marketing and sales expert with extensive proven experience. I am specifically interested in creative marketing campaigns, online marketing, and SEO.
- Experience with getting news coverage
- Able to work initially on small marketing budget
- Is easy to work with
- Shares my same values and ethics
- Excellent written communication skills
- Willing to get hands dirty with servicing clients

Since the startup is still out of the home, the Ideal candidate would also be located in DE. This will allow us to not have to worry about the possible inclusion of sales tax for where my co-founder resides.

* If you believe you are a good fit and would like to know more, please message me.


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