Jordan Coeyman

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, US

Jordan's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Jordan

Started off as a freelancer almost 20 years ago, then moved up ranks as a solo-entrepreneur. I now am running a full-service web agency ( No full-time employees, but several major clients rely on me for a number of things.

I work with eCommerce sites, luxury brands, medical startups, and big-data startups.

Truly, I have aspirations of running my own SaaS application, and not an agency based business.

I would love to find someone who can help me through the stages of getting an early stage B2B app off the ground, without outside investment initially.
People who have experience with bootstrapping, or pre-selling software, is a huge interest of mine. Please don't contact me about your services, I am looking to connect with people, not strike deals.

I have several products on the market or in various stages of development.


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My personal (unorganized) website is here:

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Cabrini College

Bachelor of Science: Graphic Design

2014 - 2014