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Indianapolis, Indiana, US

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CoFoundersLab Friends,

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If there are any resources, ideas, etc., any of you can shoot my way please do, I have some very good resources as well that I could share. is the website, product is "Capital Markets Map", although I'm finding out the business can easily be moved to other industries. I have done basic feasibility studies which consisted of contacting a leading IBM architect in their innovation lab, who gave me feedback stating it was viable, as well as an expert in software based visualization apps in Hong Kong, who worked on Microsoft's Visualization platforms, who gave me guidance on a lean way to build my MVP, which was in-genius and now I just have to build it.

I am currently looking for a co-founder, advisor/mentor or incubator team to work with in developing my Start-Up. I have assets to leverage and spend 100% of my energy in my venture. I sold a successful investment management practice in 2012 after building it for 10 years. My product is a web-based app or SaaS product for the investment information/FinTech marketplace and is tied to specific problems and pain that investors (Capital Markets) feel or that I have witnessed or personally dealt with over the past 15 years. Please get in touch if you have any input, can help build my MVP or need advice in investment related products. I have extensive experience using financial services software, trading platforms, Bloomberg and a host of other investment based platforms. Thanks, Jordan


Indiana State University


1998 - 1998


FINRA Series 7, 63 and 65