Jordy Clements

Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

About Jordy

I currently work for a struggling startup (Oracle...we're just trying to keep the electricity on until next quarter!), but I'm always looking for the next project.

Previously, I had a domain acquisition startup I co-founded in Omaha, NE -- I was head Content Czar, in addition to wearing the sales, marketing, and PR hats. We had positive growth metrics, but it wasn't a runaway $1B success. I didn't make a ton off of it, but I learned a TON.

I recently finished a General Assembly class on Product Management. At this point, I feel very confident in my ability to ideate, develop, and activate a strong business plan. I have extensive wireframes, canvases, and market/competitive/financial analyses, etc. for a news/podcast app I'm working on...but I'm not married to any idea. The TEAM is far more valuable than the IDEA. Ideas grow on trees; without implementation they are nothing.

Ideally, looking for a Front End dev with a strong aesthetic sense, and a talented Back End dev to form a KICK ASS team. I work-full time and assume you will, too...for now. Until we take over the world...


Boston College

English, Philosophy

2006 - 2006


General Assembly: Product Management