Jori Barash

Los Angeles, California, US

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About Jori

I'm recently graduated from USC, where I studied Economics and Mathematics. In addition to work experience in financial services, marketing, and nonprofit, I've consulted with 7 startups over last 3 years in cybersecurity, mobile, music, utilities, enterprise, and finance - working on market research and customer validation. I'm also very active in behavioral science research. I currently work in economic consulting.

My startup concept is a web tool and browser extension for making better decisions about choosing a university, car, home, job, or city. It is highly personalized to visualize complex logic and uses behavioral science principles to take control of uncertainty and find the optimal solution. I've been researching and designing a prototype for months. Now, I'm getting into customer research and looking to build a team.

I'm looking for two cofounders to make the vision a reality. I'm looking for a full-stack developer with experience in React and another designer who's worked on some very creative projects.

I'm open to joining a team where I can help with strategy (market/customer validation, marketing analytics), data, product management, or design. I have experience with business development, but it's not a preference.


"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." - Mark Twain


University of Southern California


2013 - 2017