Jos Schaap

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Jos's Skills
Product Management

About Jos

I have more than 17 years of experience in hospitality technology. I lead the team and set the strategy for the market leader and most successful hotel systems globally. I have a great vision on what the hotel industry needs next and have some great and cool ideas as well as a business plan to get us there.

My credentials:

I am looking to develop a new system tailored for hotels, it will be used by both hotel staff and guests, mostly running from iPad or iPhone, streamline processes, ad social engagement and create up sell opportunities allowing guests to perform service requests from their own smartphone. I am currently working on a prototype, and want to have funding by early 2013, and paying customers late 2013

I am looking for a strong CTO co-founder, willing to sweat, try new things and ideally with lost of experience in languages such as Ruby on Rails, Python, the iPhone dev kit and Amazon Clouds. Hands on, and work with this person to find funding to start with a small team early 2013. Ideally the person has previous startup experience