Joseph Arora

Shreveport, Louisiana, US

Joseph's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Joseph

Building a platform for the movers, shakers, dreamers and do'ers in a community. the Unity for People platform is currently aimed at Entrepreneurs/CoWorking Spaces/Chambers of Commerce to connect individuals in a local area. Think LinkedIn combined with CoFounders Lab where people are leveraging skillsets to help other people. Check out the website at:

I would like for there to be a Unity for People network in every major city around the world, onnecting people together to build social capital and generate tremendous strides in technology, development, education business and nonprofits that would be unachievable alone.

I'm looking for someone who enjoys bringing people together, has some programming background and can be the CTO for this platform. I am a business person and need someone on the technical side to help me in the development and maintenance of the platform, the design has been created and am currently in the process of gathering potential user feedback.


University of Colorado at Boulder

B.S. Business Administration

2012 - 2012

Co-working Space


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