joseph cheek

Marietta, Georgia, US

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I'm a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building cool things. I like making things and people's lives better. My zone of genius is taking existing products and making them better through the use of computing technology. Right now I have my sights set on light shows in music concerts; I believe a significant forward leap can be made in the concert-goers experience by creating a much tighter coupling between the live instruments and the light show.

If iTunes and Windows Media Player can make lines and balls on the screen react in time to specific instruments playing in an MP3 file, why can't computers and light consoles do the same, and much more, with the hundreds of high-powered lights on a stage or set? I believe, with the right combination of hardware and software, they can, and the difference will be compelling enough to convince musicians and lighting designers to utilize it.

You are an experienced musician, director, lighting designer, or affiliated professional who knows the music industry and believe the same; you also see the light shows in small and large concerts and think that they don't convey the same energy that the musicians deliver with their performances -- not because the lighting designers are not passionate about the show, but because expensive DMX512 and ArtNet technology haven't kept pace with the experience that people expect from their cheap computers, laptops, iPods, and Android devices.

We can meet in Atlanta and discuss the status quo and what we can do about it. If there is synergy, we write a business plan and then recruit a third cofounder with access to capital while I build the software and hardware prototypes and you use your contacts to find early-adopting musicians, designers, and venues willing to use our prototypes.

Does this sound like a fit? Please contact me.