Joseph Elliott

Raleigh, North Carolina, US

Joseph's Skills
Product Management

About Joseph

Five years ago, I was graduating college in Mechanical Engineering, and got an offer to be the first employee at a startup mobile app company focused on sustainable energy. At the same time, I enrolled in a Master's degree in Sustainable Energy in Sweden. Fast-forward: The app got featured by Apple, the company is nearly profitable and now I know 4+ programming languages, databases, cloud servers, and I got my degree.

Now I'm ready to start exploring new opportunities, but I need a great co-founder to partner with. I'm looking for my entrepreneurial soul mate. I'm a lifelong learner, technical geek, problem solver, treehugger, data head. I listen more than I talk, I love traveling, and I want to solve the world's problems.

I've got ideas, but I want to hear yours too. I'm interested in renewable energy, sustainability, resource conservation, social entrepreneurship, mobile apps, and making a difference...any interesting problem that needs solving. If you've got similar world-views, but if you can dev the biz, make the pitch, make the ideas sexy, market or sell, let's talk and come up with something cool.