Joseph John K

San Francisco, California, US

I am a Googler who has been working on an event platform prototype targeted toward nightlife
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I am developing a platform that allows users to quickly create, reblog, and distribute information regarding an event. This is aimed on making creating and sending events more casual and unconfrontational. As casual as a tweet or snapchat to your followers. No product has done this well yet.

I have an iteration of a protoype I can demo and pitch and would greatly appreciate if you had the time to reach out. The idea is not complicated software and not capital intensive. I plan on funding it myself till it takes off and we are in a good position to keep most equity. Since the computing resources needed are not that great and getting cheaper by the day. This is more of a creative project/social experiment targeted toward the demographic highly socially active people. No need to quit your job till its a sure thing. Risk is incredibly minimal for the upside.


"Avoid taking money from VCs, equity should go to the team" - Mark Cuban

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Software Engineer


October 2012 - Today