Joseph Krahn

Portland, Oregon, US

Joseph's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Joseph

I'm a WordPress consultant, SEO specialist, and content strategist at my one-man company in Portland. My startup ambition started when I was nine years old (like the most of us) with a rice crisp treat business. I sold rice crispy treats for 50 cents. My coding skills are not backend proficient, and I do understand some of the logic of PHP. I can whip up mockups, HTML, CSS, customization, etc.

I have strengths in understanding user happiness, finding growth opportunities, creating valuable content, brainstorming unique business models, and even do my own accounting. I'm a product focused founder that has no exit plan (don't tell the investors this), because I feel exit strategies alter the product design process. I want to build a product that changes peoples lives.

The bottom line: do not build a product that has no product market fit. With that, I'm a huge fan of the lean startup methodology.

I have previous experience working in healthcare, and have some insight on how hospitals are stuck in the 1990s. Lets disrupt!