Joseph Miyaki

Denver, Colorado, US

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Welcome to my profile, I love this website!

I'm building a firm that is a support agency for SOCIAL IMPACT COMPANIES or PEOPLE. We have developers that can create anything and if you prove me wrong I will buy lunch for you (and your team if you have a team).

Movements need support because (1) they lack project management expertise, (2) they lack internal consistent accountability, and (3) they lack a game plan that will get enough attention.

My two questions for you are: (1) Do you know what type of work you're naturally good at? and (2) What is the world you want to leave as a legacy?

In my community I'm currently working with:
- The Department of Agriculture to give us better food
- The Department of Education (because duh they need help!)
- The Department of Justice (they're not as scary as you might think)
- Healthcare reform
- Advocating for content producers on Facebook

This is a long ball game with time commitment of 2 hours to 5 hours per week (small clearly defined project work). You may be really passionate about this like me and want to work more, let's talk and see what happens. Message me to find out more!


University of Colorado at Boulder

B.S. Civil Engineering

2012 - 2012


Engineering Management @ CU Boulder