Joseph Phelan

Boulder, Colorado, US

Joseph's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Joseph

In 8th grade I started my own business. (can I call it that?) I was making t-shirts from designs that I had modified slightly using MS Paint and selling them at school. It was shortly after, I learned the importance of capital. That being said, it was a short-lived venture but I had found a love for employing myself, making money, and I longed to find out how to sell products. In high school I was emerged in anything that involved creativity. I was playing guitar in many different bands, and taking classes in photography and design. I learned quickly how to combine my two passions. I wanted to play venues and through research I learned how to build a brand... per say. Shortly after; I was taking pictures, writing descriptions, making ridiculous comparisons explaining about how we sound. It all came together in what they call a "Press Kit". We had a binder with a cover photo, a page about the band, and a demo. It was the beginning of a few years that included two bands, a couple dozen shows, two press kits, and a our fair-share of ticket sales. We were turning profits from playing. It would be about $50 between 4 of us and we were glad to spend our loot at the Kennedy Fried Chicken before the show. Since then I have been refining my skills and keeping busy between college and the U.S. Army National Guard. Now I am ready to take the next step. I am currently involved with a start up, but I'm looking for something to be my main focus.