Joseph Song

Cambridge, Massachusetts, US


About Joseph

I am an undergraduate freshman at Harvard College pursuing a bachelor’s in Applied Math in Economics. I have a tremendous interest in a career in tech and business and am excited to pursue an opportunity to work as an intern this summer.

An internship provides me with an opportunity to learn and experience the practical business side of a startup. I hope to gain experience and skills that will help me pursue my passions and interests. At such a fast-growing and respectable startup, I know I will be able to get a great look into what it really means to have a career in business. For me, no other internship could be quite as rewarding as gaining the skills and the tools necessary to better prepare me for my future goals.

I have had an interest in tech and business since being exposed to it on a much smaller scale during high school. I am currently taking economics and statistic courses at the college but believe that the best way for me to learn more about this field is to have a work experience that goes beyond that of coursework. Throughout my experience at different laboratories, I have learned the skills and importance of discipline, independent thinking, and problem solving that I believe to be the most important in any position. During my experience at my psychology lab, I learned the intrapersonal and communication skills when interacting with people during studies. I make an effort to give it my all to learn as quickly as possible and to pull my own weight in everything that I attempt to do. I have self-taught myself programming with Python and HTML and hope to expand my technology skills more in the future. I am very experienced with Microsoft Office and have been effectively using it since my time at middle school, where I took courses on them.

I am interested in using and further developing these skills this summer as a means to pursue my interests. I feel as though my attention to detail and passion for the field will serve me well in a work setting such as this. I give it my all in everything that I do and am excited for any opportunity to learn and grow in this field.


Harvard University

Applied Mathematics

2017 - 2017