Josh Fishman

New York, New York, US

Josh's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Josh

About Myself:

I run a small web development and marketing company, my primary roll is wordpress developer, project lead, creative director and salesman. I have been working on the web for 10 years.

About what I'm doing:

I have been working with a lot of restaurants and other boutiques and fashion companies. I build them websites, performl marketing and design services.

I am looking to now focus my company on developing a product which helps small businesses and agencies manages social media campaigns. I can raise money on this idea already but I would rather bring on a CTO that can help me flesh out an MVP so we can show growth and raise at a better valuation.

I have UX, planning and lots of idea validations done. We can speak more if this sounds interesting