Josh Greenberg

Louisville, Colorado, US

Josh's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Josh

I've been developing commercial software for the last twenty years. Ten years ago, I launched a successful software as a service application. This SaaS is still alive and kicking with a nice client list and passive annual revenue. That being said, I feel as though my SaaS is waining in relevancy and growth has plateaued.

In addition to my SaaS, I do quite a bit of developer-for-hire software consulting with ( For larger projects, I have a team of talented developers I commonly work with when a project needs more horsepower than a single developer.

With an understanding that requirements change and priorities shift, I'm a strong believer in flexible Agile development processes. I have extensive experience developing minimum viable products to test the validity of new ideas quickly.

I'm actively looking for a new idea to immerse myself in and contribute by doing what I do best, which is write code.