Josh Hanchar

Hammond, Indiana, US

Josh Hanchar's Skills
Product Management

About Josh Hanchar

I've designed a new online system/business model which is currently geared toward open source digital content creation using gamification, spanning multiple industries and markets, from professionals to hobbyists.

I just launched the prototype/beta of my startup in August 2013 accessible via This version is not being promoted heavily and is mainly being used as a basic proof-of-concept to find people who are interested in its potential. This prototype was designed by working backwards from its full-scaled design, to a manageable version for both development practicality and market strategy.

I'm currently looking to bring together the right team of developers and business minds to acquire funding in order to create a successful startup at worst, and to make history at best. It's probably important to note that I have no prior experience with startups or business management, but I have spent thousands of hours doing R&D on this project in my spare time over the course of nearly 5 years. That being said, I am looking to work with people who are much smarter than me in those aforementioned areas.

I'm very interested in technology, art, content creation, social sciences, engineering, economics, and I am trying to create a product that in its early stages is simply fun and enjoyable for the average person, and in its later versions, would become extremely useful in many industries.

If you're interested in embracing the open source nature of the internet, giving people new methods of working together efficiently via eliminating redundant "traditional" processes, and exploring the creative potential of humanity, while also being interested in benefiting from great long-term monetization opportunities, please feel free to contact me.