Josh Montgomery

Framingham, Massachusetts, US

Josh's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Josh

ExchangeTree is an online social network that allows people to barter and exchange goods and services without the need for money. We are totally currency free, allowing our users to value what they have to offer. Users can sign up for free on the site, fill out what they have to offer, as well as what they are looking for, and can begin searching for other members to exchange with instantaneously. Users can leave reviews for one another, as well as get their IDs confirmed to let others know they are legit! Our aim is to provide a platform for users to comfortablly and securely exchange their talents and goods with others in a community type of a setting.

What I'm looking for is someone to help spread the message and help build up our community. I'm a technical developer type of guy, and have very little sense of how marketing works (although I'm trying my best!). I need someone passionate about our vision of living without the need to rely on currency. I want someone who is excited about this concept and can help me, as I'm more than willing to learn, get other folks excited about it! If you think this might be you, drop me a line and let's chat!