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I'm Josh, a veteran in advertising and marketing both online and online. I'm also a college teacher (BA, marketing) and work as a outsourced marketing manager with various industries - from online media thru consumer goods, defense technologies, pharmaceutical and even electric guitars.... I live in Binyamina, married to Daphna, we have 3 kids (which I often consider putting on adoption), 2 dogs, 2 cats and a siberian hamster named Borris. When I'm not injured (as I am now) I run. Survived 3 marathons.
I'm now working on a neat native advertising platform which I know heals a wide pain for many businesses. Seeking someone to run with, who can handle the tech side. Together we'll build a brand businesses and consumers will appreciate and eliminate our co-workers Sunday (Monday) blues for good. .
He or she should also be someone who'd be fun to work with, have a great sense of humor and wide trivia knowledge without the use of Google.