Josh Yank

Binghamton, New York, US

Josh's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Josh

My background:

I graduated magna cum laude from University at Buffalo in three years with a B.S. in Finance, and then graduated from Binghamton University a year later with an MBA with a Concentration in Business Analytics and Finance, making me one of the youngest ever in the program. Furthermore, although my degrees are not in engineering, I have taught myself a great deal of electrical and software engineering, and consider myself to be very experienced in high frequency power electronics and multiple programming languages, such as C++, Objective-C, and VBA. I am an active inventor and artist with the creation of a new financial derivative called GBFs for investment banks as well as vast screenwriting experience in the film industry. More than anything else, I have a passion for creating the new and unexpected.

Who I'm Looking For:

I am looking for a Chief Technical Officer with trained domain expertise in electrical engineering, specifically with a focus in RF design and electromagnetics. The principal responsibility of the Chief Technical Officer is to manage the electrical and software engineer research team, while simultaneously analyzing and improving electrical circuit and coil designs of the MotherBox and related systems. Prior product development experience preferred.


SUNY Binghamton

MBA - Finance

2014 - 2014

SUNY - University at Buffalo

Bachelor of Science in Finance

2013 - 2013