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I have had huge success in the past with co-founding a tech startup. You know, the classic story: we started with 10$ for hosting, and within a year had grown it to $500,000 in profit. By year three, it was at $1,000,000 in profit and we had a staff of editors, coders, writers, and design people working for us part-time. We built from scratch and also bought websites in the television, film, and documentary niches. We specialized in providing journalistic information on celebrities and shows and did some API and coding work to provide constant links and up-to-date information. We operated between 20-30 websites at a time and had a total average of 150,000 visits per day for five years. We sold the company, for profit, in mid 2013 and I am looking for my next project.

My role at the company was the business/sales/strategy, and manager role. We hated titles and egos, but I did what is traditionally referred to as the CEO position. I am a fierce negotiator, hard worker, and creative person.

I have had a successful startup experience and know that the most important thing in a partnership is to be on the same page and have complete trust and loyalty. We need to have complimentary skills, mutual respect, and a shared vision.