Joshua Chestang

Chicago, Illinois, US

Joshua's Skills
Product Management

About Joshua

My name is Joshua and I've been practicing Ruby on Rails development for about 4 years now. Recently, I started picking up Swift. I'm currently looking for a co-founder with technical and/or business proficiency. I'm currently working on an application called, an apparel and accessories marketplace with a focus on social interaction inside the fashion world. Please feel free to checkout the new landing page! That said, I'm in the process of fleshing out a prototype for iOS and I think I could move a lot faster by working with someone, and why I'm looking for a technical co-founder. On the other side, because I'm more of a technical guy, I am in need of someone to really drive the business in terms of traction, marketing, and revenue growth.

I also have an idea for an app that can be super useful within the nightlife industry that I would love to explore with someone as well! Please feel free to reach out! And if you're looking for a technical co-founder or some coding help, I can also help!