Joshua Clifford

San Diego, California, US

Joshua's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Joshua

My partner and I have been launching, growing, and managing businesses together for the last 11 years. Having grown businesses from 0 to millions or dollars quickly, acquired businesses, been acquired in a business we started, and generally loving business we look to partner with the best and the brightest to bring ideas to live.
Some of our brands: (sold a few years ago in a multi million dollar deal) (0 to 3MM in 18 months) (not really an asset business but fun info business to make money)

These are some of the brands we have launched. We consider ourselves business publishers with a great record for success - not to say that there aren't many failed endeavors along the way..

We have managed businesses that have 0 revenue as well as companies that have 50MM in revenue and a 600 person team dispersed around the country so we know our way around business building.

Currently we are focused on finding and enabling smart people doing smart things. We have the ability to spin up software products, mobile products, info products, physical products, ecomerce sites, etc. and would work with the right co-founder that had a great idea to bring to life.

Ping me if you have something you want to talk through - we spend a lot of time advising startups as well so hopefully the conversation will be valuable no matter weather we work together or not.

On average we only engage in 1 out of every 50 ideas we seriously look at just to give you an idea of how we work.