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Joshua Æ‘erdinand


London, , United Kingdom


About Joshua

I founded TAG and bring passion, experience, exciting ideas for the future and some longer-term thinking.
I'm also a full time primary school teacher. I especially love teaching drama and the creative arts.

Here's a bit about my education:
MA - Education: Kings College London. 2013-2015 (I'm currently reading for this )
PGCE - Primary Education: Anglia Ruskin University 2012-2013
BA - Drama: University of Greenwich 2009 - 2012

I'm looking for people with skills as either a; developer, project manager, marketer, or educational consultant. If you have a passion for education or are able to drive a business with amazing potential then hop on board. This is the first time this has been done in the UK, based on a successful US model but taking it to the next level by incorporating ideas, a community and a gallery along with the experience of a qualified teacher producing resources. This business really is a win win.

Managing People
Product Management