Joshua Meah

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Joshua's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Joshua

My focus is sales, business development, marketing, and management. I have worked with multiple ecommerce and media startups, and for the latest was responsible for redrafting the business strategy, relaunching the company, creating the sales pipeline, closing deals, and hiring and managing staff across sales, creative/marketing, customer service, product management, and accounting functions.

My efforts so far resulted in $1m sales in 8 months, representing 600% Year-Over-Year growth and a 200% increase in permanent staff. Most importantly, work became fun again for all involved.

Beyond that, I am glad to get to know any entrepreneur who'd just like to chat. I care about creating value, working with great people, being passionate about my work, improving everything, staying honest and humble, and most importantly building something that makes lives better. CoFounders Lab suggests I state who I'm looking for, so I guess Programmer/Developer talent, but that's not necessarily the case. I just tend to get along really well with engineers, artists, and others who love to get into the thick of the technical details.

If you have a project you'd like to discuss - just to get some business insight from a fellow entrepreneur - I am glad to do so. I'm great at discussing products, related features, how they go to market, and what an institution and sales/marketing process should look like to make the business work.

If you are wondering whether reaching out to me makes sense, just do it anyway. Thanks!