Joshua R

New York, New York, US

Joshua's Skills
Product Management

About Joshua

A Network Engineer and Web Developer, I usually come up with a business idea and build it myself, test the waters then decide to pursue it further.

Currently, I have built the backend and frontend for a testing service for recruitment firms. In my field (computer networking) there are typically a ton of "paper tigers", candidates who look impressive on paper but fail horribly in front of a lab simulation. I have built one-touch on the fly virtual labs, complete with testing scenarios to get a real measure of an engineers performance on networking hardware. This helps the firms provide higher quality candidates to the hiring managers of their clients.

I am a horrible salesman, to be honest. Super nice, easy to talk to, couldn't sell heat to an eskimo. I need someone who is willing to pitch the product to large recruitment firms who screen candidates for networking jobs in bulk. I'm looking for someone with the sales experience, who wants to be a straight up partner. I value the right partner, equity and profits will be split equally!

For those interested in me joining their team - I bring 9 years of Enterprise / Service Provider Network Engineering along with a few years of PHP/Ajax/MySQL/jQuery experience and a ton of server administration experience. Basically I'm a swiss army knife of the IT world. I can build web services from the ground up and pretty quickly too, I don't think there's many people who work as quickly as I do in getting ideas off the ground. I can work for sweat equity in the early phase but I'd like to hear about the big picture.