Joy Montgomery

San Francisco, California, US

Continuous Improvement for Cleantech Companies, Connector
Joy's Skills
Business Development

About Joy

 Advising on clean technology and continuous improvement for more than 25 years.
 While improving operations, procedures and documentation for an engineer-to-order company in the food processing industry, was assigned to monitor shop floor operations while the Plant Operations Manager was in the hospital. Kept everything on schedule and ensured that the focus was where it should be.
 Significantly reduced returns and damage during processing with a single inexpensive solution while developing new manufacturing procedures and updated existing procedures for the Quality Manual for Gel-Pak, a manufacturer of high-tech packaging.
 Developed Quality Assurance tests and evaluated results for AvantNet, an application service provider for silicon chip manufacturers. Streamlined the Systems Development Life Cycle and integrated the updated SDLC with the QA processes. Developed internal documentation, master documents and styles for Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) documentation and ensured that related documentation mapped to the SDLC. Reinforced the methods with self-explanatory forms and tracking packages.
 Developed standards, procedures and tools for a system certification group, while on a three year assignment as the certification group’s only Business Systems Analyst for Lucky Stores corporate MIS. Provided continuous improvement to the standards, procedures and tools over a two year period. Specified the hierarchy of testing categories.
 Reduced returns and complaints from customers for a VOIP board manufacturer. Evaluated product management for a single board to determine contributors to unacceptable return rate. Found 67 issues, from trivial to critical and from design to shipping. Examples: Product needed a strap for installation – it was not included. Carton did not meet specifications, was too small to allow insulation around the entire board. Items being shipped did not match the packing list. Process had missing steps.
 Streamlined equipment maintenance process and decreased preventive maintenance time by effectively editing preventative maintenance information for every piece of equipment, made the procedure into a standardized checklist format, printed it and had it laminated. Checklists lived in the clean room in purchased holders on each piece of equipment.

Work Experience

Product Development Project Manager and Senior Engineer


February 2014 - December 2016