JP Taxman

Scottsdale, Arizona, US

JP's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About JP

The Refinement Academy is a company looking to change the way we go about dating, and relationships. I want to create an institution that educates people on how to meet, attract people, and eventually find a relationship. I want to provide everyone with a person to help guide them through the dating process. We all know how difficult it can be to navigate the dating world, especially with all the advances in technology, so, I figure we could all use a little coaching and advice from time to time. I want ensure that everyone has the knowledge, and ability to achieve their dating, and relationship goals. I believe everyone should experience what it is like to have an electric night with a person they are uncontrollably attracted to.


Must have experience in marketing, and branding
Must be coachable, and a team player
Must be able to having a good time, no serious sallies
Must be able to teach, and coach
Must have experience and knowledge in the dating and relationship world, or at least a burning passion to learn more in that area.
Must be passionate about learning, and education
Experience with graphic, and website design a big plus.
Being a people person, and outgoing a plus.
Must be hard working, and ambitious
Must love to read, and and do research
Life coach certification
Must have exceptional writing skills,and experience copywriting is a plus
Can use google drive, excel, word processing, and is very tech savvy. (I plan to automate most of the business, as well has have everything run though the computer)
Creativity is a MUST! This whole business will be structured around being creative, even if you are not, you must at least have an open mind.

This being a startup you must be able to take on a wide assortment of tasks. You must be able to handle marketing through various avenues such as; social media, print and traditional, guerrilla marketing, and online/mobile marketing. You will also be tasked with other miscellaneous task such as running errands, and researching. Please be willing to spend at least 10-20 hours a week on this.