JT Pulford

Encinitas, California, US

JT's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About JT

I'm the founder of SnapSho (http://www.snapsho.com), a social marketing photobooth that is installed in bars & restaurants and placed at events. Anyone can take a free photo on the branded machine which is watermarked by the sponsor and then shared to social networks. We currently have paying customers and are looking to expand.

I conceived the concept, engineered, designed and hustled my way to paying customers over the past 3 years and am currently looking to build a specialized team and possibly raise some money.

Looking for someone with a large rolodex of marketing contacts (CMO's, marketing managers, marketing agencies etc), has sales skills and a marketing background. The goal here is to reach the decision makers for companies such as Redbull, Budweiser, Coca Cola, Lakers, Disney etc. and prove to them that SnapSho provides the vehicle to reach millions of eyeballs on a personal level in social networks each day. Then land contracts, build credibility and keep landing more contracts.