Juan Walker

Kings County, New York, US

Software Engineer at Tumblr
Juan's Skills
Product Management

About Juan

I've worked on a variety of projects professionally. Probably the most impressive thing I've done was work on Google's Ad Exchange pre-launch. I was responsible for a number of features around keeping track of individual users, such as frequency capping - making sure a user doesn't see the same ad too many times - and view-through conversions - attributing conversions to users if they see an ad and then later go to a publisher site.

Before that I worked on DoubleClick's Availability Forecast tool, which runs a simulation of a site's web traffic to determine if a given ad contract can be met. For example, if Pepsi wants to run an ad on a site, but never at the same time as a Coke ad, and never to users from Idaho or New York, this tool would tell them how many impressions they can expect. After we were acquired by Google I became tech lead on that project and decreased escalations by 80%, created tools to allow people to easily monitor the application servers, and basically put my team out of a job once it became stable enough that an ops team could maintain it.

Currently I'm tech lead at Lot18 (working under a director of engineering) for TastingRoom, https://secret.tastingroom.com. TastingRoom is the first ever personalized wine club. We send users miniature bottles of wine that embody specific tastes and ask the users to compare the bottles against each other to determine exactly what types of wine to send them. We then collecting rating data about the full bottle shipments to refine our taste graphs.

I've also worked on a number of other things, like Lot18 itself and Google Shopper and eDonkey2000 but those are the ones I'm most proud of. I also wrote a Japanese dictionary app for iPhone that was the best one in the store for a while and was bringing in good money, but eventually someone came out with a free version that was very good, and since I didn't have the time to keep up with him I made mine free as well.

Work Experience

Software Engineer


May 2014 - December 2016