Julia Greene

New York, New York, US

Julia's Skills
Product Management

About Julia

I'm looking create a system/infrastructure for people to build community kitchens in which members join together for weekly meal prep sessions. Collective cooking helps save money through wholesale purchasing, save time through shared labor, and fosters camaraderie through shared experience.

Community kitchens would run similarly to cooking schools, with specific "classes" or types of cuisine to choose from at different sessions. Members sign up for a weekly class or drop-in to a single week's class where they each help to prepare the meals scheduled for that session. At the end of the session members can package up what they have cooked and take home prepared meals to me reheated and eaten throughout the week.

The goal for these community kitchens is to provide a way for people to choose healthy food not as a sacrifice, but as the easy option. I want to bring people together over a good meal.

I am a chef and have expertise in menu planning, kitchen management, and supply chain. I'm looking for co-founders who are excited about social entrepreneurship, community building, and the intersection of the app space with real-world social groups.

I need experts in business development, legal help, especially as pertaining to the department of health, and developers for the online portion.