Julian Daich

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Julian's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Julian

My career is oriented to develop new things and to concrete new ideas. I have many years of experience in the biomedical industry at Israel, associated at a research institution in Spain, have previous experience as an entrepreneur in a technological non profit project, and now I started Bioimag, which currently a startup.

Bioimag produces and develops compounds that once inside the body can replace bioipsies by imaging. This technology has several applications in diagnosis with a huge potential as, for example, predicting the outcome of joint injuries and diseases. It also can radically change biomedical research by reducing the number of biopsies, other destructive tests and animal sacrifices. The company received reimbursable funds of the Spanish government and I'm developing part of the core technology at the BWH/ Harvard Medical School.

The value chain of the company is based on the generation of knowledge prevailing over other things and has an innovative model of preserving this value chain based on intellectual property.

I have the fortune of working and doing well with people of very diverse backgrounds and cultures. I will glad to share this project with people that can complement my skills.


Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Ph.D. Biophysics

2014 - 2014

Havard Medical School/ Spanish Scientifc Council

Marie Curie Fellowship

2017 - 2017


2012 Awardee IDEA² Madrid Program( MIT- Madrid Govermment)

Research Fellow at BWH/ Hardvard Medical School

2012 Best entrepreneurial project of Madrid( CIADE)