Julian Garrett

Reading, United Kingdom

Founder @ Aliniant, Mobile telecommunications performance analytics company
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About Julian

17 Years in mobile telecommunications, traveled from one end of the planet to the other, from network rollouts to the cardigan and coffee life of looking after an established network. In my time, I have used a huge number of the tools available for engineers, and I am always amazed at the difference between what the engineers want, and what they are given to use. I've studied it closely for a good while - plenty of research in asking teams what they want, whats wrong with the current tools along with something of an understanding of how it got this bad - tools and strategy teams with other priorities.

So I have set about changing this - I have devised a tool that keeps said tools and strategy teams happy, and puts the focus back onto the user - it doesn't matter how complex your job is, simple and well designed tools allow you to do your job better - getting some basic KPI data shouldn't take 5 minutes, it should take 5 seconds - that has been the design principle behind this software.

We're working on the MVP now - this has the distinct advantage to us that it is very much part of the complete package - this is the most cut-down and fastest part of the application - doesn't do anything fancy - but it does it at great speed. The analytics side can come later.

I'm seeking software developers who can contribute their time to build the back end of the application. The front end is being built in the Ukraine, the database is built with Spark. See www.aliniant.com for more details.


Good ideas aren't a product. You need to add determination, risk, blood, sweat, tears, coffee, and a touch of insanity. - Me

Work Experience

Technical Consultant

Vodafone UK

April 2016 - Today

Consulting to the National Network Planning Design and Optimisation team in LTE Design and Optimisation, workflow and supplier management.

Managing Director

Aliniant NZ Ltd

April 2015 - Today

Creation of simple to use, fast software applications for the performance management of mobile radio networks. Starting from a clean slate, we thought through the problems of the current tools, the decision making process for people who use them (not only engineers, but managers and others), how to keep things clean and simple - and that became the basis for our tools. In the words of Howard Aiken "Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats". Howard has a point there. A lot of the things people complain about are the same things they don't do much about. But there's a big resistance to changing things. "It sortof works" is something we hear all the time - we want to make things work a lot better. It doesn't have to be all about features - designing a good product often means stripping a lot of the unecessary stuff out - doing that successfully is challenging, but that's what builds better products.


Spark NZ

December 2013 - April 2015

Consultancy in many areas of performance management of the Spark NZ 3G and 4G networks.


Canterbury University NZ

Bachelor of Engineering

1993 - 1998