Julian Michael

Los Angeles, California, US

Founder & CTO (elevationlab.io)
Julian's Skills
Start Up Environments
Machine Learning
Data Analytics
Open to networking with people holding these skills

About Julian

Founder and CTO of elevationlab.io. I'm a software engineer at heart with over 7+ years of experience working with startups and leading software teams. From companies of one employee to hundreds, I've seen it all. Successes, failures, and everything in between. Experience scaling startups from no clients to hundreds, and have helped scale software from non existent traffic to millions of hits per month.

Highly skilled in software decision making; specifically for hiring, development, processes, scaling, and strategic technical roadmaps and architectural design.

Currently the Founder and CTO of elevationlab.io where I, and other tech leaders like myself, offer up our service and advice to other startups and businesses looking for a technical edge to the competition.

From technical strategy and business alignment, to processes, hiring and culture; elevationlab.io will make sure you're on the right track to success and that you're tech becomes your strongest asset.

We offer subscription based access to our suite of CTOs. Get access to a CTO/Advisor without the risk/commitment typically involved in hiring executive positions. Expert advice when you need it, no cost to you when you don't.


Engineers are artists. Give them a problem to solve and it's like magic seeing what they come up with - Julian Colina