Seattle, Washington, US

Julie's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Julie

I am a free lance business development consultant looking to join a start up. (I'm not specifically looking for only a Programmer/Developer to help, I just had to choose something in the drop down and my skills generally complement that role well.)

I truly love helping businesses innovatively grow and develop diverse revenue channels -from go-to market analysis, planning and strategy to direct sales. I also have extensive experience in building pre-sales to delivery operations, workflows, processes, analytics and setting up CRM and other systems. Besides consulting, my background includes positions in software sales, general operations analysis, project management, website/social media and general marketing and most recently, COO for a medium size organization ($7 MM budget, 120 employees) directly managing all areas of the business. In all of my positions I have either worked in a start up or led the development of a new business sector or division. I really enjoy the dynamics of ground up development and all the successes and challenges along the way.


Arizona State University

BA Communication

1995 - 1995