Belfort, France

I'm a pacifist non-violent dreamy solutionner.
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About Julie

I am a former consultant (communication and marketing) and trainer.
Those last few years, I have devoted most of time to helping people who needed a hand and finally get a nickname that changed my life "the solutionner".

For long, I have been dreaming about an organization that would advice people about what they need (finding a job, solving an employee-employer issue, getting new partnerships) until it occurred to me I have the knowledge, the skills and the will to make the dream come true.

Si I started looking for what I am missing : financial help to launch the project and a hand about the services and products that will be sell to make the project prosper.

If you feel like there are too much injustice in our system, that you would like to help people who struggle to find a job, to keep a roof over their head or whatever they are dealing with, if you are interested in helping one another, if "empathy", "tolerance" and "teach & learn" mean some important stuff to you, then my project should definitively interest you.

If you think you could be interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch, I will gladly tell you more about it !
I can speak French (mother tongue) and English, so there won't be any language issue between us.

Thank you for checking my summary, wishing you the best for whatever you are up to and looking forward to reading from you :)



My fondamental values :

- being tolerant & open minded
- teaching & learning
- sharing & helping one another

My strengths ("Strengths based leardership" - results of Gallup's center test) :

Primary :
1 Learner
2 Individualization
3 Connectedness
4 Restorative
5 Relator

Secondary :
6 Ideation
7 Intellection
8 Input
9 Deliberative
10 Belief
11 Developer
12 Arranger
13 Empathy
14 Achiever
15 Responsibility
16 Self-Assurance
17 Strategic
18 Positivity

Minors :
19 Futuristic
20 Analytical
21 Focus
22 Includer
23 Activator
24 Context
25 Significance
26 Adaptability
27 Discipline
28 Competition
29 Maximizer
30 Woo
31 Command
32 Communication
33 Harmony
34 Consistency


Be the change you want to see in the world - Gandhi