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Julie Frieswyk

Business Developer, Marketer, Product Manager

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US


About Julie

I am looking to take an everyday household product that is not-so-sexy into a much sexier way of being marketed and sold, mainly to service my passions in heath, wellness, and sustainable/local agriculture. Also in order to flex entrepreneurial skills and make some decent income. Ideally this concept will start with eCommerce and brick-and-mortar in one location and then expand to more cities with correct market (NYC, Boulder, San Fran, Austin). I've got all of the knowledge of the industry and health but need people knowledgable in sourcing excellent talent, eCommerce site development, and killer marketing. Also some finance/tax/liabilities know-how is great. Oh and if you've worked for/started a food business that's a huge bonus.

Managing People
Product Management