Julie Tittler

Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Julie

I’m Julie Tittler, CEO, chief engineer, innovator, and primary founder of Semafores, Inc. We’re creating a mobile social media platform for family caregiving.  When you have to keep them all in line, give them everything they need, while being pulled 20 different directions at once... When their health and your health and sanity are on the line, our platform streamlines the process and helps them knit their network together into the support needed to make a chaotic and complicated caregiving scenario successful.

I started this company because a caregiving miscommunication with my husband almost landed our son in the hospital. Not finding a product on the market which fit our complicated family caregiving needs, I decided to create one myself so others wouldn’t have to go through what we went through.

I started by consulting while researching how to start a business so that I’d have some starting funds. Soon I found out about MassChallenge. In 2013 we applied and became one of the finalists, even though we were an idea stage company at the time. One of the biggest things I learned during the accelerator was that, although I’m a very experienced engineer (software engineer since 1996), what I truly love is innovating and plotting a strategic course. I love interfacing with users and designing. What I don’t have is a business background. It’s the biggest hole on my founding team.

My ideal candidate must have an MBA. We are looking to work with medical groups and ACO’s, so work experience in the healthcare industry would be exceptionally helpful to us. Our focus is in family caregiving. To truly understand where we are going and our end-user base, it would be helpful to have been involved with family caregiving.


Cornell University

BS, Civil Engineering & Geology

1993 - 1993


Professional Certification C/C++/Unix