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I offer you the possibility to change the live of classical pianists and classical musicians.
I believe that the recent technology of internet, more precisely with video streaming and online communities, we arrive at a moment where it is going to be a big transformation of this industry. If you look, this industry of the classical music has not changed for 100 years, and the way pianists or musician practice has always been the same. They still use a manual recorder and share it with teachers by Email.
This industry has been late in technology. And I offer you the opportunity to join me to be part of this change
I am an engineer and high level pianist as well (https://youtu.be/rIO0t4cXaAU) and I would like to bring a technological solution to a problem that I am facing myself and which made me very passionate about.
My engineering background (10 years+) and having started the piano at the age of 5 (30 years+) give me the contacts, the understanding of the issues in this industry and a strong technical background
The online tools and platform we would build together would be used first by musician and can be extended to other domain: sport, language etc..

If you have a background in html php javascript mysql wordpress and python, and you are interested by this project, let me know!
Thank you