Julien Jacquet

San Francisco, California, US

Julien's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Julien

Founder of Instabid.org, a cloud-based universal trading engine API. Think of it as the Stripe.com of trading/bidding. In 3 min, you can enable your users to trade (pass limit orders, get all filled orders, sort by best bids, ...). Use case: www.nanoipos.com

2 case studies:

You sell commodity computer parts (RAM for example) to the highest bidder and everything is happening via email. You want to visualize at all times what the bids are looking like, only fill bids down to a certain price, tell your customers that you will fill 100 bids only if they reach a certain limit price. You can set it up in 3 minutes on www.instabid.org

You are creating an equity crowdfunding platform and you need investors to place bids on startups' shares. The highest bidders will determine the price of the share. You can set it up in 3 minutes on www.nanoipos.com (fabricated using www.instabid.org).

You are a fantasy football website allowing your user to trade players. You can set it up in 3 minutes on www.instabid.org

We are 2 members: a business developer/full stack hacker and a back end hacker. We have lots of experience with trading engines and how to make them fast.

We are looking for someone to design the front end GUI to look sleek and be as fast as the engine.

The plan is to present to incubators in the Spring


Northwestern University


2011 - 2011