Juls Olusola


Manchester, United Kingdom

Entrepreneur, Looking for a co-founder
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Business Development

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Founded 1 startup

About Juls


We are currently at the centre of a project, trying to take market share from the current traditional high street retail (telecoms / technology) stores ,who are presently in a flux in the uk consumer market.

There is a major shakeup in the uk consumer market due to distruptive tech innovations. This has led to a huge gap in terms of consumer needs, meeting those needs and market structure. Our project has therefore begun the process of establishing ourselves in this market through a pop-up supply chain design that will take an initial %14 off the traditional market share holders.

Basic structures have all been established and we are set on our second round funding stage. We have boothstrapped our way ithrough the first round funding.

To move the project forward , we require additional human resource to complement our current efforts. We plan to offer equity and the potential co-founder would be adding value in real terms. Especially in the areas of experience in Finance , funding and stake Holder management.


I think laterally. Creatively too - Juls


Edinburgh napier, Scotland ; Bedfordshire University, England

Post Grad.

2008 - 2011