Junaid Mubeen

Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

Junaid's Skills
Product Management

About Junaid

I'm a mathematician turned education entrepreneur. Currently working on two education startups in Cambridge, MA.

Wanted: Co-Founders to lead Ignition and Programmers to Develop Write the World platform

- Ignition is developing a curriculum model that supports middle and high school teachers to embed principles of lifelong learning into their classroom. Our model is currently being developed in collaboration with high school teachers, with a view to building an online toolkit over the coming months. We're looking for that rare breed who is both passionate about education and experienced in running startups. We are a small but dedicated team of educators and designers looking for someone with this combination to take the lead on business development. If this is you, get in touch!

- Write the World is developing a series of national essay writing competitions to support the development of high school students' writing skills in subject-specific areas. The project is being spearheaded by David Weinstein, retired Head Corporate Lawyer at Fidelity and recent Fellow of the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative. We have the funds and the networks, but are seeking a technical mind to head up development of the web platform. This position is paid.