Junipero Serra

Newton, Massachusetts, US

Junipero Serra's Skills
Product Management

About Junipero Serra

I'm a highly skilled software developer. I've been programming since I was kid. I've worked with enough different technologies and platforms that I know where the ideas came from, and I become expert in them while most people are still ramping up. I've been programming professionally for 15 years, but have also taught high school and graduate school.

I have also been managing and hiring for a growing team of C++ developers for 7 years. We've recently completed a major project, and it's time to think about what's next for me.

I have an idea that I'd welcome business support for. But I'd also love to talk to people who have a plan and need a powerful technical arm. At this stage in my career I still love to code but I'm also confident I can build a development organization.

I've got a liberal arts background (Yale/MIT Media Lab), so I don't lose sight of the people behind the technology.

I'm interested in talking to anyone phenomenally brilliant and driven.


Yale University

BS English & Applied Math

1995 - 1995

MIT Media Lab

Masters of Media Arts and Sciences

2003 - 2003