Houston, Texas, US

Justin's Skills
Product Management

About Justin

I am seeking help to take our business to the next stage. We have strong technical skills on board (two engineers with two tech industry advisers) but need some business development / sales skills in order to help prove out the business model. We have a business plan, with target markets and a conceptualized product

The ideal person has strong drive, strong experience with B2B sales and passion for technology and the use of technology to help people perform better and safer. Additionally, the right person has contacts in one of the following industries (in order of attractiveness):
*Law Enforcement

Our product is in the prototype stage. We have proven out the core technology and are moving towards a finalized beta-ready prototype. The team is self-funded and would like to demonstrate demand before putting together a fund-raising round.

We are the right team for the sales and business development savvy to join. If you are seeking a project that has great potential and have struggled to find the right technical cofounder(s) give us a shout!