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I'm an artist turned CEO and founder of my own company -- ComicsVerse, a website dedicated to the analysis of comics and graphic novels as high art through the production of content like articles, videos, interviews, podcasts and more. I grew up reading comics as a child which proved to provide me a much needed escape and education in interpersonal dynamics that served me later in life. After enrolling in the course at Columbia University, "Comics and Graphic Novels as Literature," my mind was opened up to comics as a medium outside (but including) the superhero genre. Then Columbia University graduate student and now Marvel Comics assistant editor, Kathy, and I started the ComicsVerse Podcast which gave birth to our website that now has over sixty contributors and interns creating content for it. Future plans include "Netflix for Comics" with physical copies of comics donated to lower income school districts, courses in comics creation taught by writers and artists who have worked with Marvel and DC, events and panels for comic book enthusiasts who are also deeply moved by comics and more. In the past, we have covered several comic book conventions (where we fundraise through raffle donations and selling ComicsVerse merchandise) in New York City and around the northeast more than any other news source.

At present, we are seeking to build our executive and core team. We are in dire need of people with experience in marketing, management, fundraising, event planning, programming and business strategy. We are in the process of developing our business based on advertising, community and other models both on and offline.

For more information about how passionate we are at ComicsVerse, our corporate culture and vision, please read this open letter I wrote as CEO:

Remember, you can always check out our site and podcasts on http://comicsverse.com!


Columbia University

Visual Arts - Media

2018 - 2018