Justin Bookey

Santa Monica, California, US

I love to tell the untold story, to tap emotion along with intellect.
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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

About Justin


I specialize in identifying and distributing key stories for B2B and B2C brands, to raise awareness and capture audience or partnerships.

I have a content creation/strategy/marketing background, leading content strategy efforts at major agencies (Sapient, Razorfish, Team One, MXM, Phelps, etc.). I've worked with many UX and design colleagues over the years on Disney, Sony, Toyota, Qualcomm, Cisco, Virgin, Wells Fargo, and other major brands. I've produced and directed Emmy-nominated documentary films for broadcast and online distribution. I love to collaborate, have been fortunate to win several awards, and now look forward to creating something special that has never existed before. Co-founder chemistry, professionalism, and complementary skills are highly important to me and our team.


I'm currently involved with two startups: PongFit (pongfit.org), a non-profit company that promotes fitness of mind, body, and community through ping pong; and Carrot (GoCarrotGo.com), which excites kids about STEAM education through experiential competitions, tours, and conferences.

If you'd like to get involved with either of these ventures, give me a shout. Or we can talk about what you're involved with and see how we might help each other.


We taste and feel and see the truth. We do not reason ourselves into it. - W.B. Yeats


Attorney at Law

Co-working Space

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Santa Monica

2016 - Today