Justin Bouchard

Chicago, Illinois, US

Justin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Justin

AlgoFast is a trading software that allows you to create algorithmic trading strategies in plain English. Low latency economic events and corporate data are sent to the AlgoFast trading platform by Dow Jones Newswires. If the event triggers a strategy that you've precreated, AlgoFast sends your buy or sell order either directly to the exchange, or to the online broker or trading venue of your choice. AlgoFast maintains its own gateway to the (CME) Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and is also witten to Interactive Brokers and CQG. Many more news feeds, exchanges, and trading venues will be added in 2013.
AlgoFast has been nominated by UK Forex as the Best Forex Algorithmic Trading Technology.

AlgoFast has a need for good quantitative developers with C++ C# and big data experience.

We also need Java developers preferably with Apache skills. We would offer a start-up salary with a piece of the back-end, if you fit the position.

Co-founders without programming skills are welcome, but only with previous start-up experience.