Justin Muhlhauser

Tempe, Arizona, US

Entrepreneur, start-up, innovative, creative, thinker, dedicated, audacious
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I have a burning desire for a startup that I am able to invest fulltime in. I am seeking someone who is able to reciprocate that same desire. Someone who can visualize to actualize. I have started this with the end in mind. I am looking for a tech co-founder.


We perceive, relate, process thoughts and ideas through our perception of knowledge from our experiences. Divergent and Convergent thinking must attribute to one another; however, those are subjective to ourselves and out of our own understanding and experiences. In order to grow and develop mentally, one must seek out knowledge in which they don’t know. Trying to know what you don’t know but know you need to know it can be difficult. Fortunately, many opportunities exist where we can research areas of knowledge and then find subjects in those areas to learn about. Self-help books are a great way to discover life changing ways of thought by simply being inspired to crave unknown knowledge. Simply, more facts you know in greater depth about more subjects increases your ability to be creative. This is especially important when working on discovering new innovative and creative ideas as an entrepreneur. I embrace these concepts and work to visualize to actualize my future to help aid my current learning environment so I can reduce risk and increase the chance that the visualized outcome will happen when I plan it to happen. - Me

Work Experience

Senior Level

Military - Project Manager

February 2012 - August 2018